Why Timelapse is Critical for the Building, Construction, and Infrastructure Industry?

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What is Timelapse for Construction & Infrastructure?

For the construction industry, timelapse cameras are an excellent monitoring, marketing, and stakeholder engagement tool - using timelapse photography and video – to capture, monitor, and showcase key construction projects. New advanced features are helping project managers, construction managers, marketing, and community engagement professionals tell the success of their projects.  


Construction monitoring & progress reporting 

  • Monitor and track all construction, building, and infrastructure project’s major milestones 
  • Remotely monitor all projects - in one dashboard - giving control and visibility to all your projects, at your fingertips. 
  • View the progress of your site from anywhere, search by date through the full archive of images, and use compare tool to compare the project at different stages 
  • Construction and Progress Reporting by using auto-generated instant timelapse video and footage of recent site activity for your next key project meeting 
  • Better productivity, reduced travel time, and inspections for project managers, construction managers, and site visitors by up to 30+%! 
  • Dispute resolutions with contractors and variation claims 


  • Showcase your project’s success, delivered projects and project team capabilities to prospective clients, and maximise ROI and audience reach 
  • Use timelapse video and photography across multiple marketing channels (eg. social media, website, EDM’s, advertising, sales presentations and bids) 
  • Timelapse video is a living testimonial that describes the quality, safety, and progress 
  • High impact timelapse videos with fully branded timelapse videos logos, music, dynamic footage such as drone footage and stakeholder interviews, with music or voiceovers 
  • Celebrate key milestones with exciting visual assets that tell a story of team collaboration, progress, achievement, and project success 

Stakeholder & Community Engagement 

  • Impress your key stakeholders, aligned with IAP2’s methods for effective communication and constructive dialogue with stakeholders and the community 
  • Providing the tools for virtual and digital stakeholder engagement

Features Of C3X Timelapse Cameras  


C3X Timelapse Cameras

  • Engineered for Performance and Reliability - ensures reliability for all weather conditions, built for the toughest conditions 
  • Advanced scheduling – lets you create shooting regimes that perfectly match your project 
  • Live Gallery - View the progress of your site from anywhere, search by date through the full archive of images 
  • Auto-Generate an instant timelapse video and footage of recent site activity for your next key meeting. 
  • Weather Tracking - Instantly go back to any date throughout your project to see what the weather was like on the day, this handy feature is perfect for dispute resolutions. 
  • Long-Lasting Power – Solar Power and Mains Power options 
  • HD, 4K, and resolution 3G/4G uploading  

Using a timelapse camera with innovative features and capabilities that no ordinary timelapse camera can match will help set you apart.   


Benefits Of C3X Timelapse Camera 

The benefits of using timelapse in construction are numerous and varied. Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of creating timelapse construction videos of your future projects:  

Benefits Of C3X Timelapse Camera


Get the most out of installing timelapse cameras 

Setting up regular regime for timelapse video and photography – monthly, quarterly, yearly, or on demand – combined with aerial and drone footage, stakeholder interviews, animation – for the duration of your project, helps you tell the success of your project, and  

  • Delivers great content to enhance your website, social media channels, and next key presentation 
  • Creates a high impact emotional connection with your key stakeholders and audience  
  • Shares your story in real-time: view your project anywhere, anytime of the day 


Industries Using Timelapse Cameras 

Key industries using Australia’s #1 and most advanced timelapse camera, include for example: 

Industries Using Timelapse Cameras


To Learn More:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)- Timelapse Camera


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2. How to access the photos taken by the timelapse camera?

3. Can I run the timelapse camera 24/7?

4. When should I install timelapse camera?

5. Where are timelapse cameras installed?


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