Key Reasons Why Tourism, Hotel and Resort Operators are using 360 Virtual Tours to Showcase their Spaces?

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Tourism operators, hotels, resources, and Airbnb landlords, and travelers have all suffered the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited where people can go. Tourism has all but ceased, local vacations are often out of the question, and business travel has declined as more people work from home.  

Through the use of technology, virtual tourism provides viewers with an immersive experience of an activity, venue, space, guest room, function room, or destination. 

However, innovative marketing and new 360 virtual services have the potential significant speed up recovery for the tourism industry. It has become increasingly important for all tourism operators, hotels, and resorts to look into new ways to attract the attention of potential guests and stand out from the crowd. Taking advantage of modern technology and providing a hotel 360 virtual tour of your premises on your website is one of the finest ways for hotels to attract more customers and expand their market reach. 

While virtual tours have long been utilised as a marketing tool in the real estate industry, their influence has slowly spread to the hospitality and tourism industries as well. By allowing selective hotels to display their premise to the target audience online in an immersive, engaging, and interactive manner, C3X has the potential to enhance occupancy rates and sales. 

Key Benefits of Creating Virtual Tours for Hotel Business 


Increased Bookings - Guests, Events, and Function Spaces 

360 Virtual Tours allow potential visitors to explore your hotel rooms, suites, hotel amenities including gyms, pools, as well as function rooms available for events to speed up the process for bookings. Over time this allows you to provide a better experience and builds trust in your brand and quality of service.  

Rank higher for online search results and SEO  

Your virtual tours are indexed on major search engines (Google, Bing) which means extra marketing for you thanks to organic indexing (SEO). Be ever-present, on the internet.

Leave a Lasting Impression 

Providing a 360 interactive virtual tour on the hotel's web listing helps improve engagement with guests planning to make bookings, and corporates who are researching where they should run their events and exhibitions.  Hotel operators, who are using virtual tours, will stand out from others.  Allow your customers to explore your suites, pools, restaurants, bars, events, and function rooms - remotely. This will help them form a stronger bond and visualise their stay and speed up bookings, leaving a more seamless experience and impression.  

It Saves Time 

Gone are the days when guests will just be relying on photos or descriptions of rooms to make bookings, and arranging lots of physical inspections for function spaces and event rooms, costing significant time and resources.  Virtual tours free up time for tourism operators and staff to help them concentrate on other aspects of running your business and looking after guests and corporate clients. Tourism operators who are using virtual tours on their websites are more likely to experience high traffic and bookings than those without.   Providing virtual tours also helps tourism operators reduce the number of guided tours for showcasing function rooms, hotel rooms, and other bookings.   



C3X is Australia’s #1 and leading virtual tour company. All C3X virtual tour, tours can be viewed across devices with just a click: Mac, PC, smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet, and VR headset. 
C3X Virtual Tours Services 

- 360 Virtual Tours & Fly-Through Videos 
- 360 Photography 
- Google Street View 

C3X Virtual Tours



Key industries need virtual tours more than ever.  C3X delivers new immersive visual experiences and virtual tours in all key industries, including for example- Tourism, Hotel and Resorts, Architecture - Builders - Construction - Corporate- Health, Retirement, and Aged Care Facilities, Education - Engineering - Government - Health - Infrastructure - Real Estate - Transport - Utilities



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Key Steps Creating Virtual Tours 

Engage with C3X's expert team of professionals to develop a virtual tour world and bring your next virtual tour to life. C3X uses professional virtual tour photographers to bring your vision to life. C3X talent can help you with a virtual tour in 3D or 360°, a floor plan, home staging, or even image editing and enhancement. Users, believe us when we say that they appreciate high-quality work. Give your customers and visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. Let us create a virtual tour that shares your space in an interactive and engaging way. 



Are You Ready to Boost Your Hotel Business with C3X Virtual Tours? 


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You allow your consumers to take a virtual tour of your business from any device by providing them with a virtual tour. You may give your visitors a one-of-a-kind experience by allowing them to virtually explore key rooms, spaces, gyms, pools, shared facilities, and event function rooms.   To get a free quote for virtual tours and services 


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