10 Key Reasons That Your Business Needs Virtual Tour

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One of the easiest ways to help your business stand out and attract more customers is to incorporate a virtual tour on your website. Virtual tours allow potential clients to see and interact with your space in an immersive environment, making them very effective sales tools. Walk-through virtual tours allow others to experience the full scope of your facility from the comfort of their own homes.  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you imagine how much a virtual tour is worth?  

Before we begin, what is a virtual tour?  


what is a virtual tour

A virtual tour is a set of photos linked together to allow users to enjoy a ‘walk-through’ experience of a business or space. Also called immersive tours, virtual tours are a creative way to showcase your space to prospective customers in an engaging and interactive manner.  

Simply put, a virtual tour is a digital walk-through model of an existing space. 360 Virtual tours are easily embedded on to your website, and allow customers to view your spaces, showrooms, and products in an immersive environment.

Here are 10 valuable reasons why your business needs a virtual tour:  

  1. Increase Visibility Online: 

One of the key benefits of 360° virtual tours is that it allows your website to rank higher than local competitors on Google Listings. Virtual tours are indexed on major search engines. Due to organic indexing (SEO), virtual tours can help your site rank higher on major search engines. Research shows that virtual tours can significantly enhance your digital presence and rankings on search engines like Google.  

  1. Showcase Your Space: 

360 virtual tours offer immersive experiences that showcase your business to prospective customers in an interactive manner. C3X provides state-of-the-art virtual tour services that offer customers a chance to view your space and virtually experience your offerings from the comfort of their homes.  

  1. Showcase Your Brand’s Personality and Style: 

360° virtual tours are customized to your business and grant you the freedom and opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality, style, and space authentically. Virtual tours are an easy way to display your brand identity and style to prospective customers.  

  1. Build Trust: 

Seeing is believing! Virtual tours are an effective tool to build trust. Customers can wander virtually through your business and view your space as it is, without having to rely on text or reviews.  

  1. Attract More Customers: 

The interactive and immersive nature of virtual tours can help you attract more customers to your website. C3X offers virtual tours with dollhouse views, birds-eye views, fly-through videos, 3D models & schematic floor plans, 360° photos, and Google Street Map integration to help you attract new customers to your business website. 

  1. Help Customers Make Informed Decisions: 

In addition to increasing trust in your brand, 360 virtual tours enable your customers to make more informed decisions by offering a comprehensive view of your space. C3X virtual tour services allow you to add user-friendly tags, information points, photos, and embedded video content into your virtual tours, thus helping customers gather more information about your business.   

  1. Proactively Engage with Prospective Customers

A 360 virtual tour on your website will let customers experience your business space in an immersive manner and facilitate proactive engagement between your business and prospective customers. It can help your business reach its target audience and keep viewers engaged and on your site for longer periods of time. 

  1. Reach A Wider Audience: 

Virtual tour services let audiences from any part of the world view your business or space, thus easily allowing you to cater to a much wider audience. Additionally, C3X virtual tour services allow you to share your virtual tour URL on email or social networks, which can significantly increase your website’s reach.  

  1. Increase Website Engagement: 

Virtual tour services can lead to a noticeable increase in website engagement such as click-through rates and time spent on your site. Adding a virtual tour for your business will not only increase traffic to your site but also boost engagement and give you an edge over your competitors. 

  1. Boost Interest in Your Business: 

Research shows that virtual tours significantly increase interest in businesses, especially real estate listings. Virtual tour services are a great way to generate leads and increase sales because they help capture your audience’s attention and present your space to them in an interactive manner.  

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Win New Business with Virtual Tour from C3X 


Are you looking for ways to boost your business and attract new customers in Australia? C3X virtual tour services can help you do this and more. We are Australia’s #1 and leading virtual tour company. C3X delivers new immersive visual experiences and virtual tours in all key industries including government, education, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, tourism operators, heritage buildings, architects, builders, construction, infrastructure, transport, real estate, and much more. Get in touch with us today to learn more.  


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