How Project Managers are Using Timelapse for Monitoring Construction?

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Construction Site Monitoring: Project Manager’s Perspective  

Construction is a trillion-dollar industry for a reason. Even simple construction projects can cost millions of dollars. Commercial projects are usually of high value and necessitate a higher level of oversight to ensure the developer's return on investment (ROI). Monitoring a construction site with an onsite team, project team, surveillance officers, or security crew is not enough.  

There are a few things a site manager needs to be aware of:  


Monitoring construction projects and infrastructure programmes requires more than just progress reporting, project and steering committees, and site visits. Nowadays, regular progress reporting, in near real time - with timelapse cameras - is essential, to keep all project stakeholders informed and up to date on an as needs basis. The assessment must take place regularly from as many perspectives as possible to achieve maximum productivity and security. An in-depth managerial perspective will make your monitoring more effective. The following are a few things construction managers must keep in mind.

Productivity and Quality

Project managers, construction managers, and project site teams are focused on delivering projects on time and on budget, and quality. Visiting site can be difficult and costly, project teams nowadays can be far more effective by deploying timelapse cameras to supervise, manage and monitor construction progress, 24/7 remotely, from anywhere.

Remote Monitoring – 365 days a year

Timelapse advantages include construction site monitoring. It allows for remote 'live' access to the website using an internet viewer, enabling the thorough viewing of multiple initiatives from a unified platform - even while travelling. Timelapse cameras can be placed to capture the most precise aerial images for construction projects. The gadget even takes a snapshot, which it saves to the server, after around ten minutes. An auto generated timelapse video and/or custom-branded video that you can use to market your business and project is You may create a video at any time, allowing you to see every aspect of your project at any point.

Progress Reporting

Construction site cameras offer benefits beyond tracking, analysing, and reporting the progress of a project. The use of time and date stamped photos taken by timelapse cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Our timelapse cameras offer comparison features, allowing project teams to compare progress between certain periods of projects, before and after. These images and occasionally videos will be saved and retrieved from online timelapse dashboard, and support project managers and clients to assess progress claims, and reporting progress of project.

Key Milestones

The project's quality control team also employs a construction site camera to record all key construction milestones from pre-construction and construction phases including, for example site mobilisation, demolition, pilings, footings, structures and much more through to post construction and practical completion phases.


The use of time-lapse security cameras also helps ensure that construction sites follow health and safety regulations. These cameras can detect work zones, danger zones, and mishaps. The images can be compared to incidents and safety violations that are reported. Furthermore, the recorded videos could be used to demonstrate the dos and don'ts of health and safety precautions. Site security and access management can also be improved using construction cameras.

Project Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement

Videos are an effective marketing tool for marketing, community, and stakeholder engagement. If your project video contains a quality timelapse, you can add an air of aspiration and vitality to the marketing campaign and better engage your stakeholders. To demonstrate your talents to potential clients, you may upload a timelapse to your website or social networking site.

Timelapse Camera for Construction Monitoring C3X-Benifits of Timelapse

Timelapse Videos

Timelapse videos provide regular video updates displaying your progress, which boosts your team's sense of pride and success, especially while meeting deadlines.

With features such as automatic scheduling, advance recordings, and the ability to view and download your own progress videos through a secure web portal allows you to share project updates, celebrate key milestones, and sum up your achievements at the conclusion of your construction project.

The best time-lapse videos can help you communicate the distinct experience of each building project in a way that is concise, comprehensible, and visually appealing.

A great project monitoring and marketing tool for the construction industry is time-lapse photography. Images are taken at a frame rate that is far slower than the real frame rate. It gives the impression that infrastructure and building projects are progressing much more quickly than they are.

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By displaying project milestones, timelapse cameras are used to achieve marketing goals. By posting engaging and educational videos online, they enhance the reputation of the organization and enable initiatives to garner supporters. They are employed to give potential customers details regarding earlier projects that the company has completed. 

Keeping track of construction projects is easier with Australia's most advanced timelapse camera. You can receive a free quote for a timelapse camera and services.  


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